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Address :

Poličská 444
539 01 Hlinsko

Workroom :

Rváčovská 792
539 01 Hlinsko


IČO : 25935551
DIČ : CZ25935551

Contact person:

Martin Vaško
+420 777 028 310

Ing. Jiří Mejzlík
+420 602 250 004

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Commutator testing benches:

The testing benches are used for the automatic testing procedures in wich electric parameters of comutators are checked.


The commutators are transported from a container into a testing chamber in with they are connected to contact and their electric parameters are evaluated. The commutators are tested for following breakdowns : commutator bar - commutator bar, commutator bar - commutator ring, commutator bar -commutator sleeve. Defective commutators are stored in accordance with the konds of defects. Corret pieces are put into plastic pallets or tubes.

This testing bench is controlled with the Mitsubishi control system through the control panel with a multiple-line display. You can set all the testing parameters by means of this panel.

The testing bench can be modified in compliance with the concrete requirements of our customers. We can change the design and the equipment with the control and operating components.

Test parameters :
  • testing voltage
  • cycle time
  • pre-set testing time
  • check of probe contact
  • diagnostic function
  • optical or acoustical defect signalling

Technical data :
  • feeding
  • power input
  • pressure air
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