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Poličská 444
539 01 Hlinsko

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Rváčovská 792
539 01 Hlinsko


IČO : 25935551
DIČ : CZ25935551

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Martin Vaško
+420 777 028 310

Ing. Jiří Mejzlík
+420 602 250 004

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Rotating loading mill:

This equipment has developed for the purpose of a spot-check testing the mechanical properties of rotors. This test is created out under the effect of centrifugal force within a certain time period at pre-set temperature.


construction of this equipment is formed with a welded frame that is conected with screws to a board carrying the driving and testing units. The equipment is driven with an electric motor that turns the tested rotor by means of a chain drive and flexible coupling. The rotation speed of the driving unit corresponds the regulated voltage. The driving unit is cooled with a ventilator fan.

The tested rotor is placed at the split bearing housings that can slide lonqitudinally. The testing chamber is heated with a heater at a pre-set temperature. This part of equipment is covered with a heat-insulating case that ensures the safe operation of this device as well.

Both cases are protected with an electromagnetic latch against theit openong during the testing procedure. All the tested parameters ( rated speed, temperature and time interval ) can be set by means of the control panel placed on the cover of the driving unit. An electric switchboard is fastended to the bottom part of the machine.

This equipment can be modified in compliance with special requirements of our customers. We can change both the design and the equipment with the control and operating components.

Technical data:

range of testing speed5000 - 45000 ot/min
testing temperatures50 - 150 C
testing time1 - 999 min
operating panelMAC E200, 4 x 20 znaků
temperature sensorstermočlánek typ J
feeding30 V, 50 Hz
power input 2 kVA
dimension (l x w x h)685 x 610 x 1130 mm
mass70 kg

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