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Poličská 444
539 01 Hlinsko

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Rváčovská 792
539 01 Hlinsko


IČO : 25935551
DIČ : CZ25935551

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Martin Vaško
+420 777 028 310

Ing. Jiří Mejzlík
+420 602 250 004

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Machines for rotor cutting:

This equipment serves for the machining of commutator electric motors. The machining procedure consists in the cutting or rotor packs and during this operation all the residues of impregnation resin are removed. The proces includes also rough commutator cutting and after the change of rotation direction also the final cutting. In the end the commutator is cleaned with several rotating brushes.


This machine is controled by means of Mitsubishi control system, all the commuation with operators is carried out through the control panel equipped with a multiple-line display. This control system enqbles to set the cutting parameters (rotor speed and carriage feed rate) directly on the control panel. Cutting conditions can be modified continuously even during the working cycle.


The machine can be installed as separate working site with an operator. The loading and withdrawal of the machined rotors is realized with gravitational containers not to cut off the working process. The equipment can be embodied into the assembly line as well.

This equipment can modified in compliance with the special requirements of our customers. We can change both the design and the equipment with the control and operating components.

Technical data :

length1200 mm
width1190 mm
height1800 mm
weight300 kg
air pressure0,6 MPa
operating voltage3 x 400 V
power input 8 kVA

Dimensions of rotors :  (basic execution)
commutator26 - 36 mm
rotor pack38 - 53 mm
machine cycle15 - 25 sec

(in accordance with the length of machined pieces)

Accuracy :
rise of commutator segmentsdo 0,0015 mm
run-out do 0,015 mm

(according to the size and execution of machined rotors)

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