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  ProJUS s.r.o.

Address :

Poličská 444
539 01 Hlinsko

Workroom :

Rváčovská 792
539 01 Hlinsko


IČO : 25935551
DIČ : CZ25935551

Contact person:

Martin Vaško
+420 777 028 310

Ing. Jiří Mejzlík
+420 602 250 004

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Machine for round off the edges of tubes:

The machine is designed for chamfer of outer tube edges.


Tubes are put into the feed magazine and load by the loader into collet. After the clamping the tubes in collet is the outer edge cut by knifes. The last step is that finish tube is put into box or pallet. The range of chamfer angle is possible set up on knifes holder from 25 to 50°.

We also provide guarantee and after guarantee service.

The machines are possible to design exactly by customer needs and demands. We offer to suit the technical solution, driving system and manipulating components to your needs.

Technical parameters of machine:

diameters of tubes 6-12 mm
lengths of tubes 100-500 mm
range of chamfer angle 25-50°
step for chamfer angle
dimesions (d x š x v) 680 x 1284 x 1595
air pressure 0,5-0,7 Mpa
power supply ~230 V
driving voltage 24 V=
input 1,3 kVA
weight cca 550 kg
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